In addition to the repair and installation of machinery and equipment in the mechanical engineering sector in 2015, compared to 2014, the volume of production decreased by 12.4%.

Over the reporting last year the production of electrical signaling equipment for protection from theft or fire and similar equipment for use in construction decreased by 3.4% in the production of communications equipment. The production of general-purpose pumps for fuel, lubricants, cooling fluids and concrete decreased to 21.0% in the manufacture of machinery and equipment.

The production of electrical appliances for space heating and heating of the soil decreased by 4.6% in the manufacture of electrical equipment , the production of electric water heaters - by 28.9%, the production of the other furnaces and boilers for cooking, cookers - by 55.2%. At the same time, the production of electrical transformers increased by 43.8%.

In the production of machines for agricultural purposes the production of systems for milking machines decreased by 27.2%, the production of the spreaders and distributors of organic and mineral fertilizers decreased by 71.3%. However, the production of dryers for processing agricultural products increased by 41.2%; speaking about the disc harrows, the production increased by 14.5%.



PJSC "Bar Machine Building Plant"

Production of machinery and equipment for the manufacture of food and beverages


PJSC "Kalynivka Machine Building Plant"


The installations for milk drying, baths for salting cheeses, generators, automated washing stations, CIP-washings, crystallizers, bakery ovens, the automated unloaders,  the manufacture of machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry


Ltd. "Bratslav"

Technological equipment for keeping cattle and pigs, the design, reconstruction and construction of new livestock farms


Ltd. "Krasne specialized company Agromash"

Production of tillage agricultural machinery (heavy disc harrows)


PJSC "Yampil instrument-making factory"

The household rotor gas flow meter G 2,5 RL, G 4 RL, G 6 RL, G 10 RL, the gas meters with electronic accounting device 2,5 G EHL, G 4 EHL, G 6 EHL, G 10 EHL, the gas filter, the electric boiler "KETON", the auto compressor "Virage", the vacuum gage MB 20-60


PJSC "Mogyliv-Podilskyy Engineering Plant by Kirov S.M.»

- The animal feed complexes, the productivity is 16; 30; 50; 100 tons per day

- Mills P6-AVM-7; 15; 30; 50

- Mini workshops for cereals P6-MKC-7, 15

 the machine rollers A1-BZN; 3M2; VM2-P

- Loaders P6-KSHP-6, 15,

 DMB crushers, boilers P6-KOVA; P6-KOVP


Official government enterprise of scientific and production association "Fort"

Special products for power structures


PJSC "Vinnytsia Aggregate Plant"

Engines and installations

PJSC "Plant "Mayak"

Electroradiators, heaters, cookers