Vinnitsa region has one of the most powerful agricultural sector, which  shows the high growth rates and good economic results in recent years among the regions of Ukraine.

740 agricultural enterprises, 2021 peasant farms, 282.6 thousand private farms, 130 large enterprises of food and processing industry, about 400 small processing enterprises, 103 agroservice enterprises and organizations, 4 research stations, the national agricultural University, 8 colleges and one technical school, the "Podillya" institute of feed and agriculture  of the National Academy of agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, constitute the basis of the agro-industrial complex of region.

The natural and climatic conditions are favorable for the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. A land fund is the unique investment potential of Vinnytsia region. The region has the largest share of Ukrainian black soils, much of them, 21% are the lands of Black Soil type. That is the unique high concentration of land resources.

More than 2 million hectares of agricultural land are assigned for the land users, which is 3.3% of Ukraine territory.


The structure of agricultural land, thousands of hectares

18-20% of available space of sugar beet  and 6% of cereals are concentrated in Ukraine.

The region has one of the largest amount of cattle among the regions of Ukraine: 328.8 thousand of cattle, including 160.6 thousand of cows, 365.6 thousand of pigs, 51.6 thousand of sheep and goats, 30.5 million of poultry.

According to the results in 2015, the region takes the first place in terms of gross output of agriculture in Ukraine, including the gross harvest of sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables and fruits, milk production. The second place - in terms of meat production.

The share of the region in the national agricultural production for 2015 was 7.5%, or remained at the previous year.

In 2015, the overall agricultural production, compared with 2014 year, fell by 9.5%, including the agricultural enterprises - by 11.2% and households - by 6.8%.

During January-June 2016, the growth of the production by 4.2% in agricultural production was achieved, including agricultural enterprises - by 8.5%. In households the decline in production was 1.5%.

The share of the region in the national agricultural production for 6 months of 2016 is 9.1%.

Vinnitsa region takes the first place in terms of production of gross agricultural output and by volume of milk and meat among the regions of Ukraine.


The change of the volumes in agricultural production, %


Plant growing

The volume index of plant growing production in 2015, compared with 2014, was 82.6%, including in agricultural enterprises - 77.7%, households - 91.3%.

In 2015, the farmers of region received grain production in crop production at the level of 3.8 million tons: sugar beet - 2.1 million tons, sunflower seeds - 503.1 thousand tons, rape -188.9 thousand tons, potatoes - 1.8 million tons.

With the growth of manufacturing, the branch of gardening and vegetable growing has worked, which increased the production respectively by 20.7 and 0.8%.

The harvesting of early grains and leguminous crops in the group was finished.  3015, 1 thousand tons of early grain and leguminous crops was threshed, with an average yield of 55.3 c / ha (in 2015 - 45.2 c / ha) in all categories of agriculture.


Animal husbandry

In animal husbandry for 2015, compared with 2014, the production increased by 8.6%, including in agricultural enterprises - by 17.6%.

838.4 thousand tons of milk, 427.8 thousand ton of meat (realization), 857.4 million of eggs was produced by all the categories of farms in 2015.

For all categories of farms 416.3 thousand tons of milk, 226, 2 thousand tons of meat (realization), 472.3 million of eggs was produced by all the categories of farms in January-June 2016 in the region.



In comparison with the same period last year, the production of meat  was increased  (realisation) by 17.7 thousand tons (8.5%), the production of eggs - by 30.9 million (7.0%), the production of milk - by 5.9 thousand tons (1.4%).

In comparison with the beginning of the year, the amount of cattle was increased by 7.4 thousand heads, sheep and goats - by 1.3 thousand heads, poultry - by 661.3 thousand heads by all the categories of farms. The number of cows decreased during this period by 0.9 thousand of heads, pigs - by 6.3 thousand.

Agro-industrial complex has considerable export potential.

During the last year, the agricultural production, which are worth more than 664 million dollars, was exported from the region; it is more than in 2014 by 29.7%. The positive trade balance amounted 598.1 million dollars.

During 5 month in 2016, the foreign trade turnover of agricultural products amounted 249.8 million dollars. The enterprises and organizations of the agricultural sector exported the agricultural products and ready food products for 228.2 million dollars in the region. The agricultural products for 21, 6 million dollars were imported on the region territory. The positive balance is 206, 6 million dollars or more than in 10.6 times.



Today there are 15 milk processing enterprises (except of small - 15 companies), 6 powerful meat packing plants (and about 60 small businesses), 6 sugar plants, 11 enterprises for processing fruits and vegetables, 11 alcoholic plants, 5 flour, cereal and bakery plants (65 small enterprises), 2 distilleries and others in the food and processing industry of Vinnitsa region.

During 2015, in comparison with 2014, the production reduced by 1.4% in the food processing industry of the region. The main reason for reduction in the region was the sugar industry, the sugar production decreased, compared with the previous year, from 430.2 to 314.9 thousand tons or 27%.

The enterprises of food industry of the region in 2015, compared with 2014 year, increased the production of cattle meat, fresh or chilled by 1%; the production of pork, fresh or chilled - by 3.7%; the production of frozen cattle meat - by 58.3%; the production of poultry meat, fresh or chilled - by 42.8%. Speaking about the production of finished products and canned meat or offal, the production increased by 6.7%; the production of milk and dry creamer - by 24.5 %; the production of fat cheese - by 18.1%; the production of sugar confectionery products, not containing cocoa - by 3.8%, sweet biscuits and wafers - by 8%.  

In the food industry since the beginning of 2016, there is a positive trend of increasing the index of industrial production in the food industry of the region, compared to the corresponding period of the previous year. During January-May 2016, the indicator is 108.4%.

During this period, the production of cattle meat fresh or chilled increased by 12.3%, the production of pork, fresh or chilled - by 33.3%; the production of poultry meat, fresh or chilled - by 19.5%; the production of sausage products - by7.1%. Speaking about the finished products and canned meat or offal, the production increased by 14.5%; the production of milk and cream, fat content of more than 6% - by 19.8%; the production of unrefined sunflower oil - by 21.5%; the production of milk cream and dry - by 16.6%; the production of condensed milk and cream - 7.2%; the production of flour - by 21.0%; the production of fruit jams and jellies - by1.5%.

The volume of sales of food and processing industry is 64% of all sales to the region industry.


Priority directions of agricultural development in the region in 2016

  1. Saving of the leading position of Vinnitsa region in the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

  2. Supporting farmers and private farms by combining them into agricultural service cooperatives.

  3. Promotion to attract the investment in agriculture of the region

  4. Development of agricultural advisory activity

  5. Implementation of measures for the efficient use of water resources of the region