There are all the conditions for tourism development in the region, namely, the natural and cultural heritage, historical and cultural complex, the settlement of Tripoli culture, archeology and architectural monuments, parks, arboretums, places, spread with crafts, preserves, natural monuments, the bases of "green" tourism.

There are 4307 cultural heritage in the region: 1739 - of archeology, 1893 - of history, 526 - of urban development and architecture, 101 - of monumental art, 47 - of landscape art, 1 - of landscape.

In order to popularize the new tourism routes in the Eastern Podillya, the contest "Seven Wonders of Vinnitsa region" was designed. Twenty-one unique attraction were noted as the "Pearl of Podillya".

Vinnitsa Fountain «Roshen» is the most popular among tourists and travelers; National Museum - the farmstead of Pirogov, the state historical and cultural reserve "Busha"; Historical memorial complex to victims of fascism, affiliate of Vinnitsa Regional Museum in the territory of "Werewolf" (Stryzhavka village, Vinnitsa region).

There is an expansion of religious tourism with visits to such facilities as Lyadova St. Usiknovenskyy rock monastery (Lyadova, Mogyliv-Podilskyy district); the valley of Jehoshaphat (Sharhorod district); Cross road in Sharhorod.

Khmilnyk and Nemiroff are in a great demand among tourists, who come to improve their health in our region. After all, Vinnitsa region is rich in quality mineral and fresh groundwater. Khmilnyk resort town is a well-known place not only in Ukraine, but also in many countries, too; it is also called "radon treasury." There is no equal places with radon waters of Khmilnyk among the known mineral waters in Europe.

A rural green tourism is actively developing in Vinnitsa region. This direction encourages Ukrainian and foreign citizens to the tourism attracting to know the rich natural, historical and cultural heritage of the region, preservation of ecological balance.

The work of 38 farmsteads was provided, offering comfortable accommodation, family vacation, traditional cuisine, organic food, interesting entertainment. Two farmsteads have the third (the highest) category of categorization system of rural lodging base "Ukrainian hospitable mansion" and seven farmstead with the basic category.