The mining industry

445 deposits of 18 minerals are explored in the region. 50 deposits of granite, gneiss, sandstone were found in the region. There are also deposits of phosphates, limestone, marl, tripoli, chalk, gypsum, various clays and sand. The most important economic deposits are garnet, kaolin, brick and tile materials, building stone, and sawn stone.

Data on the production of certain products of mining industry are given in the table:


Was produced during 2015

In 2015 in % to 2014

Granules, crushed stone, crumb and powder; pebbles, gravel, thousands of m3



The untreated granite or roughly treated, thousands of м3




In 2015, the production of grains, pebbles, gravel, and crushed stone did not reach the previous year for 31.0%, the production of untreated granite or roughly treated - by 37.7%. The production of kaolin clay and kaolin decreased by 13.2%.




PJSC "Stryzhavska career"

Fractional crushed stone, screening, rubble stone, concrete

Ltd. "Demidov granite"


Crushed stone, screening


PJSC "Glukhiv mining - concentrating kaolin plant»

The extraction and enrichment of kaolin

LLC "Ukrainian kaolin company AKB"

The extraction and enrichment of kaolin


PJSC "Zhezheliv career"

The extraction of the rock mass for production of crushed stone products; extraction of granite blocks


Ltd. "Zhezheliv kaolin"

The extraction of kaolin