Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

The production index of the products of 2015 did not reach the level of 2014 in the manufacture of chemicals and chemical products by 19.7%.

The production of cleaning agents and cleaning products, ethyl, soap and surface-active organic substances decreased to 22-33% in the reporting year, although, the production of paints and varnishes, based on polyesters, acrylic and vinyl polymers, in a non-aqueous medium almost doubled.


The index of industrial production in 2015 amounted 214.3% on the enterprises for the production of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations.

The increase in the production of medicinal drugs, containing penicillin and other antibiotics was obtained in 2.1 times, the increase in the production of lactones, heterocyclic compounds - increased in 1, 7 times. Although, the production of glycosides and alkaloids of plant origin decreased by 14.5%, antibiotics - by 0.1%.



PJSC "Vinnytsyapobuthim"

Synthetic cleaning supplies

Ukrainian-Spanish joint venture PJSC "Sperko-Ukraine"



Department of manufacturing of infusion solutions JSC "infusion"