The natural resources

More than 445 deposits and18 kinds of minerals are explored in the region. The deposits of brick-tile raw materials, building stone, sawn stone, groundwater, mineral medical, dining, and drinking water have the most economical importance.

The presence of mineral resources is not limited by this list.  There is a group of primary kaolin deposits in the northeastern region, which constitute about 10% of the national explored reserves. While, one of them, the Big Hadomyn deposit of primary kaolin is the largest of reserves in Europe in volume.

Two fields of technical grenades were explored in Vinnitsa region in Kalynivka district: Sloboda and Ivanovo (complex). The investment attractiveness of the development of fields is large enough. The reserves of Sloboda deposit are 4.4 million tons, and quartz-feldspar screening raw material in Ivanovo field reaches 4.6 million tons. These technical grenades are used as a raw material for abrasives, production of industrial filters for drinking water.

In 2008, the geologists explored Busha and Nemirov deposits of Tripoli and clay, the deposits of which are up to 5 million tonnes. This raw material can find its application in agriculture and in various industries.


The use of explored mineral resources of the region

Bahtyn deposit of fluorite is waiting for its development. The ore bodies, composed of sandstone deposits, interspersed with fluorite to 18-21%, are used in the manufacture of fluxes for smelting ferrous metals… The deposit is complex. Laboratory and technological tests proved the possibility of obtaining the silicon from the explored raw material for the production of glass products and feldspar, used in the manufacture of porcelain products.

Vinnitsa region is rich with reserves of sawn limestone - a cheap, environmentally friendly and efficient building material for low-rise urban and rural construction. A good potential for us is a development of deposits, on which the sawing of limestone blocks by opencast methods.

The region has a number of deposits and manifestations of mineral medicinal and dining drinking water, fresh underground water for centralized water supply that may interest foreign customers and potential investors.