Lypovets district



The area of the district is 0, 97 thousand km sq.

The population of the district is 38, 4 thousand residents

The largest population centers:

1) The district center Lypovets with 10 thousand residents

2) Others:

            The urban village Turbiv with 7 thousand residents

            The village Rososha with 2, 5 thousand residents

             The village Vahnivka with 2 thousand residents


Distance from district center to important cities, km

The city

The distance










The infrastructure of the territory

5, 5 thousand people are employed in the branches of economy

Including Industry – 0, 7 thousand people.

Agricultural production – 1, 5 thousand people.

Labor market

Job seekers – 935 people.

The registered unemployment rate is

2, 3 %

Educational Institutions:

Zoziv professional agrarian lyceum

(250 students)

It trains specialists such us: the tractor-driver of agricultural production, the driver (category "C", "C1"), cook - confectioner, driver of refrigeration units; electrician, clerk (accounting); computer operator.

Lypovets College named after Vasyl Lypkivskyy

(306 students)

Students receive a complete secondary education and training, they become drivers of category "A" "B" "C" and operators of the computer recruitment

Local roads

The total amount is 281, 9 kilometers, including:

76, 3 km of territorial  road

45, 5 km of national importance

42, 0 km of regional road

111, 8 km of district roads

Gas pipelines

The total amount is

637, 6 km:

Including 123, 3 km of high pressure

459, 5 km of medium pressure

54, 8 km of low pressure

The cable communication lines are2184, 5 km


The branches of industry of the region

The branch


Millions UAN

Food and food processing


21, 5


The main enterprises of the district

The name

Direction of activity, the main products

Contact Information

Ltd. "Prod-Mova"

Bread and bakery production in the assortment, flour production

22544, Vinnitsa region, Lypovets district, Lypovets, Pryvokzalna Street, 22

Tel. 067-432-88-89

Ltd. "Lypovets brick factory"

Production of ceramic bricks

22500, Vinnitsa region, Lypovets, Lenin Street,  23

Tel. (04358) 2-13-48

The cooperative "UYUT"

Wood processing and production of furniture and furniture sets

22513, Vinnitsa region, Lypovets district, Turbiv, Mayakovskyy Street, 84

Vinnytsya branch "Yablunevyy dar"

Harvesting of apples.

Production of concentrate apple juice

22500, Vinnitsa region, Lypovets, B. Kopytko Street, 62

Tel. 067-673-95-60

Ltd. VIK "Pryboriv sausages"

Processing of meat. Production of meat and sausage products.

22513 Vinnitsa region, Lypovets district, Turbiv,  Myru Street, 1

Tel. (04358) 4-22-66


Production of solid biofuels from wood waste and agricultural production in the form of pellets

04060, Kyiv, Ihorivska Street, 7 A

Tel. (044) -590-30-04,

(044) -391-54-45

The power plants are located at: 22513, Vinnitsa region, Lypovets district, Turbiv,  Myru Street, 17


The contact information of the district administration and the authorities, responsible for the investment development:

Lypovets District Administration

Address: 22500, Lypovets, Heroes of Maidan Street, 4

Tel .: (04358) 2-14-63; fax. (04358) 2-33-05;



Department of Economics of Lypovets District Administration

Address: 22500, Lypovets, Heroes of Maidan Street, 4

Tel. / Fax: (04358) 2-14-42