Nemyriv district




The area of the district is 1, 3 thousand km sq.

The population of the district is 49, 5 thousand residents

The largest population centers:

1) The district center Nemyriv with 11, 8 thousand residents

2) Others:

            The urban village Bratslav with 5, 5 thousand residents

            The urban village Sytkivtsi with 2, 2 thousand residents

Distance from district center to important cities, km

The city

The distance










The infrastructure of the territory

7, 6 thousand people are employed in the branches of economy

Including Industry – 1, 5 thousand people.

Agricultural production – 1, 1 thousand people.

Labor market

Job seekers – 1779 people.

The level of employment is 2, 6 %

Educational Institutions:

1) Nemyriv College of Engineering and Architecture of VNAU,


2) Bratslav agro-economic college of VNAU,


3) Nemirov professional technological lyceum.

Local roads

The total amount is 438, 7 kilometers, including:

52, 2 km of territorial  road

40, 8 km of regional roads

345, 7 km of district roads

Gas pipelines

The total amount is

932 km:

Including 198 km of high pressure

544 km of medium pressure

190 km of low pressure


The cable communication lines are 1580 km 


The branches of industry of the region

The branch


Food and food processing






Mechanical engineering and metal working




The structure of industrial production, %


The main enterprises of the district

The name

Direction of activity, the main products

Contact Information

Ltd. "LVN" Limited "

Production of distilled alcoholic beverages

22800, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Nemyriv, Ukrainian Street, 14,

Tel. +38 (04331) 21709

ВП „Самчинецький кар'єр” філія «ЦУП» ПАТ «Укрзалізниця»

Getting ornamental and building stone

22880, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Rayhorod,

Tel. +38 (04331) 22945

Company with additional liability "Bratslav"

Production of machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry

22870, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Bratslav, Soborna Street, 124,

Tel. +38 (04331) 51441

The enterprise "Nemyriv plant of the cooperative industry" of Nemyriv district consumer union

Bread and bakery products; production of flour confectionery, cakes and perishable biscuits

22800, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Nemyriv, Soborna Street, 97,

Tel. +38 (04331) 22523

Ltd. "Rainbow L"

Production of working wear

22800, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Nemyriv, Dzvonarna Street, 30,

Tel. +38 (04331) 21601

Ltd. "Chance"

Processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables

22865, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Sytkivtsi, Vokzalna Street, 18,

Tel. +38 (04331) 22646

Ltd. "Ambar +"

Production of the milling industry

22800, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Nemyriv,

Tel. +380674301264


The contact information of the district administration:

Address: Nemyriv District Administration: 22800, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Nemyriv, Horkyy Street, 84,

Tel. +38 (04331) 2 09 68,


Contact Information of the authority, responsible for the investment development:

The address of the department of Economics of Nemyriv District State Administration: 22800, Vinnitsa region, Nemyriv district, Nemyriv, Gymnasium Street, 19,

Tel. +38 (04331) 21706