Zhmerynka district



The area of the district is 1, 13 thousand km sq.

The population of the district is 34, 5 thousand residents

The largest population centers:

1) The district center Zhmerynka with 26.0 thousand residents

2) Others:

            The urban village Brailiv with 4, 5 thousand residents

Distance from district center to important cities, km

The city

The distance










The infrastructure of the territory

4, 0 thousand people are employed in the branches of economy

Including Industry – 0, 6 thousand people.

Agricultural production – 0, 6 thousand people.

Labor market

Job seekers – 953 people.

The registered unemployment rate is 1,85 %

Educational Institutions:

Chernyatyn Vinnitsa Agricultural College National Aviation University

820 students (full-time and extramural studies). Specialities: production and processing of crop production, maintenance and repair of machines and equipment of agricultural production, accounting, beekeeping.

State Educational Institution "Brailiv professional college"

350 students. Specialties: mechanic, electrician, chef, accountant, tractor-driver.


Local roads

The total amount is 379, 2 kilometers, including:

96,6 km of territorial  road

114,0 km of regional roads

168,6 km of district roads

Gas pipelines

The total amount is 611 km:

Including 125 km of medium pressure

486 km of low pressure

The cable communication lines are 1256 km


The branches of industry of the region

The branch


Millions UAN

Food and food processing







2, 6




6, 3

Wood processing


0, 6

Production of other non-metallic mineral products




The structure of industrial production, %


The main enterprises of the district

The name

Direction of activity, the main products

Contact Information

Martyniv place of conducting activities SE "Ukrspirt"

Production of ethyl alcohol from fermented products.


Ethyl alcohol from food raw material

Of the High cleaning "Extra", "Lux".


Zhmerynka district,

Vinnytsia region, 23134

Tel. / fax (04332) 3-21-16,

Tel. (04332) 3-21-46, 3-21-47

E-mail: Martunivka@ukr.net

Ltd. "Crystal"

Production of sugar.

Production of ceramic brick.


Ceramic brick

Brailiv, Zavodska Street, 7,

Zhmerynka district,

Vinnitsa region, 23130

Tel. (04332) 3-38-59, 3-38-58

E-mail: IvanishynL@rise.ua


Ltd. "Demydov granite"

Production of gravel, crushed stone and sifting.


Crushed stone, sifting.


Zhmerynka district,

Vinnitsa region, 23141

Tel. (04332) 05.03.35,

E-mail: demidovgranit@gmail.com,


The plant of cooperative industry

Production of bakery, pasta and confectionery.


Bread, pasta, confectionery


Kyiv Street, 20

Zhmerynka district,

Vinnitsa region, 23100

Tel. (04332) 2-23-22, 2-23-32

PJSC "Chernyatyn beer"

Production of beer and brewing malt.


Beer, malt brewery


Zhmerynka district,

Vinnitsa region, 23124

Tel. / fax (04332) 3-24-36,

Tel. (04332) 3-24-43

E-mail: atzt@inbox.ru


Ltd. "Sewing Factory "Brayilivchanka"

Sewing of uniform shirts, conventional, special clothes.


Uniform shirts, conventional, special clothes.

Brailiv, Lenin Street, 13

Zhmerynka district,

Vinnytsia region, 23130

Tel. / fax (04332) 2-29-50,

E-mail: brailivchanka@yandex.ua


Ltd. "Concord"

Production of ceramic bricks.


Ceramic brick.

Severynivka, Zavodska Street, 1

Zhmerynka district,

Vinnitsa region, 23126

Fax / Tel. (04332) 3-56-48,

Tel. (04332) 02.01.65,

E-mail: Кonkord.5@mail.ru


Ltd. "Bioenerdzhi-Vinnitsa"

Production of wood products; production of articles of cork, straw and plaiting plant materials.


Fuel granules, pellets.

Brailiv, Zavodska Street, 7

Zhmerynka district,

Vinnytsia region, 23130

Tel. 048-2-32-49-06

E-mail: khokhotva@ukrbioenergy.com

E-mail: Ss281@mail.ru


State Enterprise "Zhmerynka forestry"

Manufacture of wood.


Tree in a round, the halves, firewood for technological requirements

Zhmerynka, Barleev Street, 31

Zhmerynka district,

Vinnytsia region, 23100

Tel. (04332) 2-05-03, 2-07-03,


E-mail: gl - forester@ukr.net



The contact information of the district administration and the authorities, responsible for the investment development:

Zhmerynka District State Administration

23100, Vinnitsa region, Zhmerynka, Bohdan Khmelnytskyy Street, 14

Tel. (04332) 5-00-10, fax (04332) 5-00-15

E-mail: rda_qmer@vin.gov.ua


The Department of Economic Development of Zhmerynka District Administration

23100, Vinnitsa region, Zhmerynka, Bohdan Khmelnytskyy Street, 14

Tel. (04332) 5-00-19, fax (04332) 5-00-15

E-mail: rda_qmer@vin.gov.ua